Day twelve.  I have noticed most of my observations have been “doom and gloom” with cravings, bad moods, complaints.  I want to record the good (along with the troubles). I’m feeling markedly “brighter” in my mood and demeanor.  Not afraid to look people in the eye and feel more like myself (whomever that is). My… Continue reading twelve


Day 10 was a bit of a mixed bag.  Slept okay, felt better physically.  Got outside and went for a walk which felt good.  Emotional, sensitive, insecure.  Shame is front and center in my thoughts.  Trying to stay in the present.  No big cravings today but caught myself “daydreaming” about possible scenarios where I might… Continue reading Ten-uous

day nine

Day nine coming to a close.  Still feel very tired and look like I’ve been hit by a truck.  In past attempts, about a week in I was feeling happy and energetic and looking better.  Not sure what is different this time.  The fatigue is working to my advantage since by the end of the… Continue reading day nine

Day 8

Day eight and I am exhausted.  It’s a different tired than I usually feel after waking up at 2am thirsty and paranoid after drinking.  That tired I could fix with a reliable coffee/carb ratio that allowed me to bulldoze through the day even though I felt like shit.  This is deep in my body and… Continue reading Day 8


Day 7 and I felt good this morning.  I decided to tackle an overdue closet cleaning/organizing project and was doing well dusting and sorting and making a pile of old items to purge.  I got about halfway through and became overwhelmed by decision making and trying on pants that don’t quite fit.  My inner 3… Continue reading Tantrum